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Going on holiday? Pack those running shoes!

It’s officially 10 weeks until my marathon, mid-March and snowing non-stop. Yesterday I made a new plan to keep me going over the next couple of months so everything is still going to be A-OK! Those 16, 18 and 22 mile runs are going to happen as long as that snow stops and spring finally […]

Your Pace Or Mine? – A review

Running in the nude, getting cheered on by a group of “hoody-wearing teenagers” and practising ‘toilet tactics’ on a beach in France are just a few of the highlights from the hilarious book, “Your Pace Or Mine?” by Lisa Jackson. I finished reading this book during the week and thought, without giving too much away, […]

Smile and wave, boys.

Hands up who ran today? Hands up who smiled/nodded/waved/spoke at a fellow runner? I hope that if I was on a stage asking all of you this then I’d see an audience full of waving hands. It seems pretty simple to say hello or even just a quick nod to someone you pass by but […]

Hello 2018

We are a week into 2018 and I am just getting round to finishing a blog post I started on New Year’s Day. I am hoping it isn’t too late to reflect on 2017 and the novelty of New Year’s Resolutions hasn’t worn off just yet. First of all, I hope you all had a […]

It’s the most run-derful time of the year

December is my favourite month. I absolutely love Christmas and it’s my birthday this week so what’s not to love?! I am currently sitting in my cosy flat with a little Christmas tree on the table, because there isn’t enough space for an actual tree, & there’s a box of Quality Street sitting open and […]

Running down memory lane

I am long overdue posting a new blog post and of course I have lots to talk about, that hasn’t been the problem, I just haven’t had time. My usual time to write a blog post or at least post one is at the weekend however my last 3 weekends have included trips to Edinburgh, […]

The race to the top

It was a beautiful, crisp, dry October morning when I left the house with my rucksack packed, bike lights flashing and Fitbit ready to go. I travel out of the city centre towards my work, avoiding the main roads but consequently having to deal with sleepy pedestrians and impatient drivers on their own commute. Half […]

This week in running (Oct 30th – Nov 4th)

It’s Sunday night and I’m thinking back over my week of running. I usually run 3-4 times a week including a Monday & Tuesday but due to relatives visiting and a friend’s birthday my first run of the week didn’t happen until Thursday. I was more than ready for that run and ended up clocking […]

What, there are other people just as keen as you?!

I moved to Exeter in 2016 and prior to moving I had already looked up running groups and found out that there was a half marathon in October, so of course I wanted to train for that. I had been part of a club at home and I knew it would be a good way […]

Great West Run: A Review

On Sunday 15th October 2017 I ran the Great West Run, a half marathon through the streets of Exeter. I had a great time and managed to achieve a new personal best of 1:52:59 so while I am still reeling over this achievement I thought I’d write a quick review! Registration & pre-race organisation I […]